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Water damage restoration service professional people to restore your house that damaged by rain water or flood

Cleaning the house wall of flood water used to be done with a thorough and complete. This is important because the water carrying bacterial content and salt can damage plaster, and paint acian. The water damage restoration service are the best option to improve and save the walls from damage. Clean walls and floors with detergents and disinfectants as soon as possible to kill bacteria on the surface is one of water damage restoration service method.Whitening is one of the strong chemicals to clean the walls, but we must be careful in using whitening products because it can damage the other material and has a very strong smell.

The next water damage restoration service step is to dry the walls as soon as possible. Water damage restoration service professional will remove all wallpaper, fabrics and other accessories materials stuck to the wall. Clean the back wall with disinfectants. Peeled paint sticks to acian to test its water level by using Protimeter. If the bricks get wet, then possibility of contaminated flood waters have brought the bacteria and salt into the walls and bricks. The development of mold (fungi) will be visible within 3-4 days on the wall. The water damage restoration service will wait for a few weeks and observe while waiting for the walls to dry completely. Once the drywall, if visible patches of black or white means the water has been carrying the bacteria and salt to the surface and showed that the plaster and acian been contaminated.

Water damage restoration service also do extra check whether acian and plaster bound well to the brick. It can be tested by tapping the wall with a coin so that the sound of a solid or hollow. If in doubt peeled small sections acian and plaster. If the moisture content below 15 percent, wait approximately 2-3 weeks to allow safe enough to replace the plaster, and paint acian. Water damage restoration service also use a quality mortar containing sand and cement quality is mixed with the right chemicals for good performance, Add liquid waterproofing or liquid bonding agent to make more waterproof plaster. Use water damage restoration service and the staff will mixing the product to clean your walls or can also use white glue with a ratio of 3 kg to 40 kg of plaster.