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What are emotional support animals (ESAs) ?

Emotional support animals (ESAs) are an animal companion that has been prescribing by licensed mental health professional (p designed to bring comfort and to lessen negative symptoms of the person with an emotional or psychological disability.

The animals do not need any specific or special training because their presence is to lessen the symptoms which associated with a person that have a psychological/emotional disability emotional support pet. Unlike any service animal or therapy animal. Domesticated animals can qualify as an ESA, such a dog, cat, rabbit, snake, mice, bird, hedgehog, mini pig, rats, etc. And they can be any age including puppies and kitten too. But emotional support animals or sometimes it called as emotional support pets (ESP), comfort animals or comfort pets has only one requirement, is that the animals or pets must be well behaved or manageable and doesn’t create any nuisance around.