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Birth defects because anti-nausea medication

Morning sickness is nausea perceived by pregnant women. Sometimes they can’t hold excessive nausea because it really disturbs. Most of them choose to go to doctors or buy anti-nausea medication. Zofran is one of anti-nausea medication often used by pregnant women. Zofran is known potent to hold nausea in pregnant women but many cases about effects of taking Zofran.

Many birth defects caused it and parents don’t realize it. For those who don’t have a history of birth defect, you can ask it to the doctor. If it is caused by Zofran, you can file lawsuits for this case. You shouldn’t let it offhand because you children become victims. You can read any case about Zofran in and take action for your case. If you filed lawsuits to Zofran, they can help you and make you get the compensation for defects that occur in your child. You don’t need to pay them if you don’t get the compensation.