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With Food dehydrator your food will stay fresh without loose it nutritions

Artificial drying infood dehydrator reviews, which uses heat in addition to sunlight, for example using a dehydrator (food will be dry within 6-10 hours), or using the oven (the time it takes about 5-12 hours, and the oven temperature must be above 1400F. Foodstuffs are dried generally has nutritional value is lower than with fresh ingredients in food dehydrator reviews. During the drying can also change color, aroma, texture and vitamins being damaged or reduced. in food dehydrator reviews general foodstuffs drained change color to brown. the color change is caused by a reaction -reaksi browning, non-enzymatic both enzymatic manupun. If the drying process is done at a temperature that is too high, it can cause the destruction of vitamin C. Food dehydrator reviews drying Oven for food products require little investment, can protect food against insects and dust, and is not dependent on weather.

Food dehydrator reviews is composed of cabinet isolated with shallow perforated tray. The tray containing a thin layer that comes from food. The working principle of the drying cabinet is hot air blowing at a speed of 0.5 to 5 meters per second. The air passing through the duct system and air baffle so that the resulting uniform. The food dehydrator reviews working principle of this drying is a layer of dried food on a tray arranged piled up in the transport process. The movement that occurs is done by passing the tunnel semikontinu isolated. The tunnel is composed of 12-15 conveyance.

Based on the physical condition that is used to provide heat to the system and remove moisture, drying processes among which direct contact drying, vacuum drying and freeze drying. Food dehydrator reviews Drying method can be used for drying food / food that is natural drying (using heat from the sun and drying in the air), and artificial drying (using a dryer). The food dehydrator reviews main factors affecting the drying ie factors related to air conditioning, and factors related to the nature of the material.