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How to take care the uncontrollable pest with simple way

Bait can be given food that endeared insects eg fruit flies, the bait is fruit or fruit dilaburi glue artificial essences and aromas or fruits that are sold in stores chemistry
This bait traps can be used to ensnare the insects are active during the day and at night. The weakness of the use of these tools is the difficulty of identifying feeds that correspond to certain insects visit

Generally insects attracted by certain scents, such as tape odor, foul odor or fragrance. These properties used to attract insects that swarm. After the insect entangled with adhesive. The use of traps to use smell to do with media planers fields, How to hang a lot of crabs alongside rice looks at Apparently the results of observations, these traps can indeed ensnare dozens, even hundreds hopper rice pest and green ladybugs. The trap will be more effective if combined with adhesive traps look for it on