Portable Toilets And Showers Provide Comfort In Remote Locations

Although portable bathrooms are commonly needed at outdoor events, the convenience a restroom trailer provides is equally important in remote areas where permanent facilities are harder to find. Workers at hard-to-reach locations such as high-rise construction sites, remote residential remodels and new road construction, for example, will no doubt appreciate a portable restroom trailer, as will workers in field locations such as oil rigs. Camp sites, rest stops and recreation areas are other locations where these facilities are important if permanent structures are not available.For more information visit the following link ;shower trailers.

There are many things to consider before renting portable toilets or restrooms. A professional in the business should be consulted to assess the feasibility of installing one at any specific location. You will also need to know about the availability of electric, sewage and water hook-ups to determine which type of unit is most appropriate. Assessing the terrain where the unit will be sited is also significant, as these trailers need to be placed on dry, level land within 25 feet of parking for service vehicle access. In order to ensure there are adequate facilities available, the number of people and the duration of time the facilities will be needed is necessary information as well.

Although traditional Port-a-Potty units will sometimes meet the needs of customers, restroom trailers do offer increased sanitation and a much more pleasant user experience. They can be customized to suit the specific requirements of a remote job site or other location. Amenities such as hot and cold running water, flush-able porcelain toilets and solar heating options are available. Other add-ons include fragrances to mask any unpleasant odors, baskets of sunscreen, bug spray and other toiletries, floral arrangements or greenery placed inside or outside the unit, and even music and air conditioning for those seeking a more luxury experience.

Portable shower trailers are also available and are a handy addition at very remote sites, and these can also be customized. Units are available that contain as little as one or two stalls and as many as 28 or more. Medium- to large-sized shower trailers may also contain separate men’s and women’s areas with changing rooms. Sinks, premium paper products and vanities are among other custom amenities available. Stand-alone hand washing stations make great companions to portable restroom trailers, particularly at events where food is being handled or consumed, such as farmers markets. Regardless of the type or size of facility needed at a particular site, a professional can help determine the options available for any location or event.

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