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Identify a trend or pattern of repetitive movement of stock prices is the main objective of the technical analyst, of course, with the hope to find a signal to buy (buy), hold (hold) or sell (sell). In conducting technical analysis stock there are only a few key data required, namely the change in the stock price (or other instrument) and the transaction value. The technical analyst (chartist) price sort into four types: the open, high, low and closing prices.

We all understand, that stock prices can rise and fall quickly or gradually so that the graph will look to form a couple of peaks, valleys or it could be flat (the price is moving in a narrow range). In an effort to analyze the stock price and identify a trend change in the stock price, the chartist guided by two important assumptions. First, the price moves in a particular trend and secondly, this trend will continue until there is an event that makes the trend will change.

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